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Five Must Do's Before Becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah

1. Attend Religious School regularly. Studies show that regular school attendance enhances achievement. BAT Policy: Students who miss more than 25 percent of classes in any subject must complete a summer make-up assignment before progressing to the next grade.

2. Attend Shabbat services. Service attendance reinforces the prayers students will need to know for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and strengthens their bond with Judaism.

BAT Policy: All Beth Am Temple Religious School students must attend an average of one service per month or a total of nine services per school year. Beginning one year before their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, students must attend three services per month. Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons will not be started until a student has met the required serice attendance.

3. Practice and show mastery of Hebrew and prayers. Our Religious School teaches prayers cumulatively. Children who practice the prayers they have been taught will have better retention of their knowledge of Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Listen to your child read Hebrew aloud to you. Parents who read Hebrew, as well as those who don't, can help their children by listening to them read. Required prayers are listed in the Parent/Stuent Handbook, and from the Principal.

BAT Policy: Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons will not begin until the student shows mastery of required prayers. We recommend that students review their Hebrew at least three times per week.

4. Schedule Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons: Lessons should start six months before a student's Bar/Bat Mitzvah, excluding July and August. You may contact the Rabbi to schedule lessons approximately one month before the lessons should begin. The Temple will not contact you.

BAT Policy: The Rabbi will send out a letter approximately one year ahead of each student's Bar/Bat Mitzvah explaining the process and requirements.

5. Show Kavod (Respect) and Perform Mitzvot (good deeds), as these are intrinsic Jewish values. Students are expected to show respect to teachers and classmates, as discipline issues in the classroom inhibit learning for all students. A Mitzvah project is required.

BAT Policy: See the Code of Conduct and Mitzvah Project in the Parent/Student Handbook. Each student is expected to perform 13 mitzvah hours, to be completed prior to meeting with the Rabbi during the final month of Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons.