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Beth Am Religious School started in 1963 with about 140 children enrolled. In 2001 we opened the new classrooms dedicated to the education of our youth. The Beth Am Religious School is a vital, dynamic part of our warm, caring, people-oriented and accepting congregation. With a small student-to-teacher ratio, our well-defined curriculum and many extra-curricular activities, our education program is designed to prepare our children to be Jewish adults filled with a love and pride of being Jewish.

Our dedicated group of teachers continually work to provide enriching opportunities for Jewish values and learning to our students. 

Our Programs

K-2nd Grade Differentiated age groups

The K-2nd Grade Differentiated age groups class meet with our wondergful Morah Debbie Lampert.  This class setting is Differentiated age groups, where children in K-2nd grade explore the landscape of Jewish life, learn the Alef-Bet, traditions and values, with activity centered hands on multi-sensory approaches.  The program is designed to embrace each age group's curriculum.

3rd and 4th Grade

In Judaic styudies, the students are coming to school prepared with "meaty mensch journal entries".  They also started illustrating "The Mitzvahs of the Week" which will get displayed on the class bulletin board.  Additionally, they started to learn about Chanukah.  In Hebrew, we continue to enrich our Hebrew vocabulary.  It was so muych fun to play "Around the Word", and compete with classmates.  We learned to read and practice chanting the Sh'ma and the beginning of the V'ahavta.

5th Grade

In Judaic Studies, 5th grade read aloud stories of the Prophets that taught them to honor themselves as creation of God.  Also, the students wrote letters to students at a synagogue in Puerto Rico and snt their thoghts and prayers to help victims of the hurricane.  In Hebrew, the students have learned and are continuing to learn prayers.  The students learn to read the prayers, and then learn to chant them.  We also incorporate games.

6th Grade

Judaic studies: The 6th graders read aloud and analyzed the Prophet stories for deeper meaning and understanding, and the lesson we can learn from the stories to our life today.  The students wrote letters to a synagogue in Puerto Rico with the 5th Graders, to help victims of the hurricane.  Weekly reflections include sharing mitzvahs and Jewish values ingrained within them.  This month we focused on "Fixing A Broken World". Hebrew study included learning to read, chant prayer and key words tha help us understand the meaning of the prayers.

7th Grade

Judaic studies: This class is continuing their successful road to "Being a Mensch".  They started filling uyp our class bulletin board whowcasing their Mitzvahs of the Week.  In Hebrew studies, they are practicing all the prayers previoulsly learned and are currently focsing efforts on chanting the "Ashrei".


Our strengths include:

 High quality Jewish literacy and history

Teaching through music and creative arts

Preparation for leading full Bar/Bat Mitzvah service

Post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah to Post-Confirmation

High school students as teacher assistants

Special Education program, Keshet


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